About Sciryuda

Sciryuda (circa 958🇨🇪) is the oldest known name for Sherwood Forest

In ancient translation /’Scir/ sounded like ‘Schir’ and /’yudalike a ‘wud’ or ‘wud-a’.

Sometimes it was known as the shire-woods or forest belonging the shires.

Today we simply call it Sherwood .. 


Hello & welcome to sciryuda.com the home of my life-long Sherwood Forest photography project.

I’ve been taking photographs in Sherwood since the mid 80s and in these past few years really devoted myself to capturing the amazing nature of the modern Nature Reserve, as well as all the surrounding wooded areas that once made up the ancient Forest of the Shires (Shire-wood, or as we’ve come to know it Sherwood).

Here you’ll find a selection of my work. A short collection of local creative photography, fine art print-on-demand service and my annual Sciryuda Calendar.

As a photographer sciryuda.com acts purely as the home of my long-term Sciryuda project, but I also have a separate personal website where a broader range of my photography work can be viewed.

To find out more, subscribe to my newsletter & catch up on my blog, please visit stevepike.photography 


I try to avoid social media but I do-do Instagram & YouTube. So, if your on either please feel free to get in touch!

All enquiries are welcome, please email directly steve@sciryuda.com or steve@stevepike.photography