About Sciryuda

Sciryuda is the oldest known name for Sherwood Forest dating back to 958ᴀᴅ and beyond..

In ancient translation /’Scir/ sounded like ‘Sheer’ and /’yuda/ more like ‘wud’ or ‘wud-a’.

Sometimes it was known as the shire-woods or forest of the shires.

Today we simply call it Sherwood .. 


Hello & welcome to sciryuda.com

Here you’ll find a selection of my personal work. Local creative photography, fine art prints, annual Sciryuda Calendar and I occasionally offer a unique ethical collection of handmade, nature inspired jewellery too!

As a photographer sciryuda.com acts as my evolving portfolio & as a creator it helps me share my work.

I hope you find something of interest here and sincerely, I thank you for stopping by!

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I was born and still live in an area once covered by the canopy of ancient Sherwood. I grew up a happy, dusty kid. Much of my time spent outdoors, adventuring, building, unearthing but above all – exploring!

Often found with cobwebs in my hair, grazed knees & sand in my pockets, I was impossible to keep clean. Fuelled by limitless curiosity, I had/have a saturated sense of adventure in my heart.

I naturally grew up deeply connected to Sherwood & the ancient tales. A legacy that lives with me to this day! It fuels my imagination, feels like home & deeply connects me to my photography.

The Photographer

My earliest photographic memories come from the 70s. I’d watch my uncle shoot mono film then hide away in his safe-lit darkroom. The whole process, from shutter click to crisp, stinky paper photograph was pure magic to my inquisitive little (analogue) eyes.

That was the spark that led to my fist camera, my precious Halina 110 Telemaster Flash. Years later, I progressed to 35mm with a faulty Olympus OM10 & in 1995 I invested, heavily! My weapon of choice; the Nikon F70 & fast glass. That’s when I saw light for the first time.

Eventually DSLRs arrived and I remained mostly loyal to Nikon (lately the D7200), until 2018 when I tentatively moved to Sony & the small form, lightweight, mirrorless tech.

With a passion for nature & living in the heart of what was ancient Sherwood, I could be nothing but a landscape/creative photographer. Today, this is my challenge, my ambition, my frustration & my joy.

My truth is; there is no right and wrong.. and in the words of Anaïs Nin ;

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.


The 2nd Golden Triangle

Together with a life-long photographic passion (to capture) I also have an absolute need to make (to create). It took me over 30 years to work this out and man.. has it been frustrating at times 😉

But like most fundamentals related to photography, they balance on a tripod! So with capture and create the 3rd leg I steer my entire creative process with is imagine.

No matter what, where or when I shoot, I always diligently run through a creative imagine process. I ask questions. I seek motivating answers & rarely will I shoot without a good’ole internal debate.

Next I capture and its quite a sterile phase. To me there is no creativity involved in the capture of data. It’s a necessary task, a step along the way, something to stop us becoming lazy. Its a physical check.

Finally, we can charge batteries, clean glass and fire up the PC. Only now can we begin to create!

This is the point where all three legs on this tripod come together. I combine imagine with the data I capture to begin to create an image that reflects • • • well, whatever it is we want it to reflect!

A camera just captures data. Photographs are captured in the mind. – Moi

The psychology of photography interests me beyond words. If we’re ever fortunate enough to meet, I hope we can perhaps share our perspectives over a coffee & each take a step further on our journey.

Imagine • Capture • Create


I try to avoid social media but I do-do Instagram & YouTube. So, if your on Instagram please feel free to get in touch & if you use YouTube I sincerely appreciate all new Subscribers, views & 👍🏻’s Links below!

All photographic enquiries are welcome. You can email me directly steve@sciryuda.com 

Thanks for taking the time to read, I sincerely hope you find some value at sciryuda.com