About Sciryuda

Sciryuda is the oldest known name for Sherwood Forest dating back to 958ᴀᴅ and beyond..

In ancient translation /’Scir/ sounded like ‘Sheer’ and /’yuda/ more like ‘wud’ or ‘wud-a’.

Sometimes it was known as the shire-woods or forest of the shires.

Today we simply call it Sherwood .. 


Hello & welcome to sciryuda.com

Here you’ll find a selection of my personal work. Local creative photography, fine art prints, annual Sciryuda Calendar and my unique ethical collection of handmade, nature inspired jewellery!

As a photographer sciryuda.com acts as my evolving portfolio & as a creator it helps me share my work.

I hope you find something of interest here and sincerely, thanks for stopping by!


I was born and still live in an area once covered by the canopy of ancient Sherwood. I grew up a happy, dusty kid. Much of my time spent outdoors, adventuring, building, unearthing but above all – exploring!

Often found with cobwebs in my hair, grazed knees & sand in my pockets, I was impossible to keep clean. Fuelled by limitless curiosity, I had a real sense of adventure in my heart & you couldn’t tie me down!

I naturally grew up deeply connected to Sherwood & the ancient tales. A legacy that lives with me to this day!

The Photographer

My earliest photographic memories come from the 70s. I’d watch my uncle shoot mono film then hide away in his safe-lit darkroom. The whole process, from shutter click to crisp paper photograph was pure magic, to my inquisitive little (analogue) eyes.

That was the spark that led to my fist camera, my precious Halina 110 Telemaster Flash. Years later, I progressed to 35mm with a 35mm Olympus OM10 & in 1995 I invested, heavily! My weapon of choice; the Nikon F70 & fast glass. That’s when I truly began to see light for the first time.

Eventually DSLRs arrived and I remained mostly loyal to Nikon (lately the D7200), until 2018 when I tentatively moved to Sony & the small form, lightweight, mirrorless tech.

With a passion for nature & living in the heart of what was ancient Sherwood, I could be nothing other than a landscape / creative photographer. Today, this is my challenge, my ambition, my frustration and my joy.

I photograph product & am currently compiling the Sciryuda Calendar for 2022. The concept is a reflection of ancient Sherwood & will capture images from all surrounding forests, that were once all one.

The Creative

Complimenting my life-long photographic passion (to capture) I also have a need to make (to create). It took me over 30 years to work this out.. and it’s not been without frustration. I painted for some years but felt a growing strain between photography & fine art. I realised, I just couldn’t apply myself to both.. 

One day, I had to ask; photo OR paint? The immediate answer was.. I just couldn’t give up photography.

So, a decision was made but a dilemma was formed. If I wasn’t going to create paintings, then what?

Saving you the long story, the good news is I finally found my answer & it comes from local nature too.

Today, I explore the many scattered woodlands that once formed ancient Sherwood. I wander into the oldest, most remote and magical corners.. I ethically source natural materials & often just sit, brew coffee, soak up the atmosphere, occasionally record a view for YouTube.. I take my shots and I breath

Back at base I bury myself in post processing & work on my material selection. When inspired, it leads to jewellery design and I make forms, resin cast and begin the lengthy process of hand-making unique pieces.

That nature inspired, handmade jewellery is now exclusively available for sale, right here a sciryuda.com

It always starts in these woods. No two pieces are ever the same & natural content evolves with the seasons.

I hope to deliver a contemporary design that reflects a seasonal glimpse of Ancient Sherwood.. or Sciryuda  as we like to call it these ere parts.. 😉


I try to avoid social media where possible, although, I do-do Instagram. So, if your a ‘grammer please feel free to get in touch, follow my posts OR you can just tap the Follow button bellow.. 

All photographic enquiries are welcome & I’m accepting private jewellery commissions to include personal material or for special occasions. You can email me directly steve@sciryuda.com or use the Contact form.

Thanks for taking the time to read, I sincerely hope you find something to like at sciryuda.com