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In this ABSOLUTNO blog post, I would like to introduce Sciryuda jewellery.

I’m led by three fundamental guiding principles…


As it’s nature that inspires me and where the beauty originates, I include natural material in all my jewellery. Influenced by a scene, season or material, woodland nature is at the heart of everything I create.


Think of authenticity as an area where all my natural material MUST come from. That area no longer has a common name, but once upon a time it did! In 958ᴀᴅ (our earliest known reference) it was called Sciryuda.

Covering over 100,000 acres Sciryuda was a broad mix of forest, farms, clearings and heath. What remains of Sciryuda today is the 1,046 acres of Sherwood Forest plus scattered woods all across North Nottinghamshire.


It is paramount, when selecting natural material that there’s no impact on the ecology. No insects, flora or natural habitats can be impacted and I obviously fully respect the local SSSI & SAC. Always environmentally ethical.

So, In Summary..

Inspired by nature, I create unique pieces of handmade jewellery. I ethically combine hand selected natural material from an ancient forgotten area & spend hours forming, casting and hand finishing every piece.

When an item turns into a kind gift for someone, becomes a token of friendship or a symbol of thanks.. that’s why I create them. It’s when a little slither of natural insignificance becomes significant once more.


Where Pendant Names Come From?

The name Sciryuda is over 1,000 years old. It meant ‘woodland belonging to the shires’ & later became known as Sherwood. The whole area possesses a rich mix of legend, lore and material symbolism.

Obviously, from ancient times little remains, but there is one remnant that’s totally unchanged. The stars! 

So, to reflect the ancient nature in each piece of jewellery & tie the heavens, earth, nature and time into a handmade item you can acquire for yourself or a loved one? Yes! I like that & I hope you do too.

In future posts I’ll touch on some of the material symbolism, ancient lore & maybe even a legend or two?

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