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Pixie Wing Pendant

Introducing the Pixie Wing Pendant from Sciryuda jewellery.

Ancient folklore and tales from the forest are rarely told without mention of fairies. 

Good or bad, black or white, folklore speaks of the very strong relationship ancient people had with forest pixies, tree fairies and the elves in the woods.

Often gatekeepers or playful souls, fairies were perhaps the very first worshipped beings in native British history. To cross a fairy back then, well, that was a very grim prospect indeed!

Over millennia the tales have dissolved and fairy worship has declined. However, wander alone through the woodlands around Sherwood today & you may notice the feint ting of a bell, a rustle in the leaves or subtle movement out the corner of an eye 👀

Pixies? who knows.. but in ancient times, if you lived in the trees, fairy lore and pixie tales would have been a very common topic of conversation among everyone.

So, tread carefully! .. and, if you would like to pick up your very own Pixie Wing Pendant there will be a small number appearing in the shop soon (May 2020).

Each pendant has a delicate layer of fine metallic magic dust & comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Commission enquiries are very welcome, to enquire just drop me a line using the CONTACT form or email

Enjoy your time in the forest & BEWARE! Never take a photo of a fairy! 🧚