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Forest Photography Depth

I don’t want to directly think about composition today. Instead, I want to ponder over forest photography depth. A tricky little self reflection.. to which you are cordially invited 😉

So, how important is the consideration of depth in my forest shots? ..and yours! 

Do I pay depth the attention it deserves? Should I do more? Do I need to explore depth in greater detail?

Does my desire to eliminate the sky force depth compromise or even an absence of ‘deep’ thinking at all!?

What a topic! Which tangent rabbit hole shall I jump down now? 🐇

Right then, OK, I’m going to try remain calm and focused without bogging down in detail here.

Let’s start at the start. 

There are some forest shots that demand, and certainly benefit from, the extraction of a deep perspective. I won’t ask why – that’s a hole all its own. I’m just going to accept it as true & focus on those kinds of shots from hereon..

I’m not even going to think through what creates depth. Suffice to say, a defined foreground subject(s), a solid mid-ground and distant background elicit depth.

So why is forest photography depth rarely discussed in any detail? Because it isn’t, is it?

Maybe it’s the natural chaos and overwhelming nature in forest nature, that de-emphasises depth somewhat?

Crikey, a good day grasping 1 or 2 compositions without any conscious depth thinking, feels like a victory. So perhaps our clambering for any shot ‘of quality’ stunts our depth thinking? 

OK now I’ve come to the crux of the topic. The exciting stuff. 

I must now ask, what happens if we more actively prioritise depth in our forest photography?

Will conscious inclusion of depth considerations help expand our creative portfolio?

Perhaps if we go hunting for a balance of both subject & depth we will explore more creatively? 

Hmm.. interesting..

Primary result of clear depth perspective, is a much greater sense of subject scale

Let me be clear, I don’t ignore depth in my forest photography but I do sacrifice it more often than is comfy.

Are my attempts at making the most of what’s in front of me – well, good enough? I think not!

I need to explore depth, seek it out & probably have it enter my routine repertoire.

How much of your photography practice do you lend to depth?

Would be great to hear your thoughts, perceptions & experiences via CONTACT form or comment below.

I’m going for a little lie down now.. 

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