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Fully Integrated

The making of this image FULLY INTEGRATED began with a hard frost & forecast for fog. It was still dark as I parked on the southern edge of Sherwood Forest. Hopes high that as I walked in, I’d wake some old familiar friends, finding them wrapped in cosy blankets of soft morning mist. Sadly, with each step, as a bright sunrise broke, the odds of fog drifted out. I convinced myself to adapt, it was time to go explore instead..

After an hour of ‘almost‘ compositions and ‘nearly‘ light, the brights grew & the contrast strained every shot. I got lost in a hollow & my thoughts. I followed several wild dead-ends & false paths as I fought my way back to reality.

Eventually, I fell into a clearing where I paused to evaluate my options. Standing there, the light softened & panning around I realised a wild mix of ancient Oak’s & Silver Birch as soft swirls of gentle mist began to circle overhead.

This ancient Oak sits among those trees. Tiered growth through growth, its crown vanished up into the soft fog as the boughs blended seamlessly into the surrounding flora.

It is in moments like this, where photography meets nature, where the timing seems effortless and un-rushed. These moments where everything is fully integrated; natural elements meet balanced light. You are present and prepared without haste or pressure.

They are encouraged in advance but happen by natures grace. We really need a name for this.

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