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Nature Fails

Tree Fail 4 x 5 Crop by Sciryuda • Sherwood Forest

It’s really not a fair post title ‘Nature Fails because the fail is my own & I take full responsibility.

Forest photography, can be incredibly rewarding especially if you can accept imper-per-fection, no finish line, no rapturous conclusion on which to hang your hat. Photography from nature is just one constant.. ‘challenge’.

Nature fails.. never!

The above image inspired this post, shot early on the ancient trail of Thynghowe (western edge of Sherwood).

On location the sun slowly rose directly behind me, softly warming my back. It looked like a sure portfolio shot and perhaps even one for print.. heck! it may have even swung me toward mono for the 2021 Sciryuda Calendar.

In the end it’s none of those things. The exciting light softened the edge of frame and gave me a false sense of security. The tree stole my eye and I just didn’t pay enough attention to the margins. I cost myself the shot.

It was my fail.. entirely my own doing..

It’s not the first time I’ve done this and surely won’t be the last. I think it’s important though, to share some snaps of my journey here, not just the images I accept or the venues that make me smile. It’s a solid reminder that photography from nature is difficult.

Below, the wide unadulterated image, from which, I can’t extract my shot.

There’s little more to say than .. 

I can’t wait to go back. It now motivates me, frustrates me, takes up my thinking & slowly becomes necessary.

If your out there and fighting the good fight, then I just wanted to say hi! Let you know, you’re not alone. The challenge is very real and there is no sign of a finish line. Perhaps the best result we can hope for is a slowly improving ‘keeper ratio’ – the number of shots we accept vs the number of shots we take.

I try to find motivation in my fails. Try to use them to steer me forward. I guess that translates as; never stop shooting because even on your worst day, the best is always still to come.

Be interested to hear your thoughts via CONTACT or in the comments section below.

All the very best,

Tree Fail A4 Crop by Sciryuda • Sherwood Forest