Pre Fog • Bright dawn view across Budby Heath through a blanket of fog.
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Pre Fog

PRE FOG is one of those images that captures a slither of time for me, rather than a subject/object. It represents the essence of a moment.. an awareness.. a mindful clarity..

Generally, at sunrise there’s a healthy overlap of eager bird song and first light. They are a suited pair & one belongs to the other. This day was absent of all song. No eagerness. No anticipation. Just a frozen pause as the light subtly shifted through the misty sky..

The absence of song drove my senses to search.. and all that was present; the delicate light fringing the frosty heather & the little solo tree centre frame; ribbons of mist filtering the light & just a feint crack of frost for chorus. 

I was totally absorbed by the landscape. Highly alert & present. Then, as sufficient light glowed to grant me an exposure, I broke the silence with a shutter release and shortly after the first chirp of a bird.. A time I now call..