Sciryuda mono mirror Ancient Oak
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Scary Tree

Is there such a thing as a SCARY TREE? It’s a question I enjoy exploring.

Woodland abstracts can be tremendous fun. I find these images can also raise the emotional stakes too. 

A good sunrise image brings me peace and tranquillity. Misty moody mono woodlands have a vibe of quiet light. The abstracts, in-particular the mirrored image abstracts, well they take me to a whole other place!

I find them captivating. Character emerges that I felt when I walked the woodland and took that shot. I thought only I saw that. To me, I see strength & wisdom – a natural power and curious beauty.

There’s just something about natural abstracts that is powerful enough to move me in a way no other image can.

Scary? well maybe. Dark, yes sometimes. Threatening, I don’t find this, but I’ll be investigating much further.

When we’re through the worst of this COVID pandemic I hope to choose a series of 3 mirrored Sciryuda trees for Limited Edition print. If you would like to register interest in a triptych on this theme, please get in touch via the CONTACT form or email direct

I’ll email previews & details to anyone interested in such a series.

How do you interpret images like the one featured above. Please share in the comments below.