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Sciryuda 2020 Update

Hi everyone, I hope this finds you well and your families all safe & sound 🙏🏼

I’m writing a post today for two reasons; first as an update on my short term plans, second, to clarify my thinking.
It often helps me to write my thoughts down.. Today, why not here?

So far 2020 has been.. well, different for us all, I think it’s fair to say? My plans for this year got washed clean away & as we approach June, (with signs the restriction are to be relaxed), it feels like a good time to plan, re-think, set fresh goals & new objectives.

ON YouTube

I’ll soon be posting an update video on YouTube to outline the content for the channel. If you don’t currently subscribe please do, and hit the little 🔔 icon to receive a notification when videos go live.

You can find my channel embedded above or you can CLICK HERE for a direct link to YouTube.



Here on the website I’ve been working on a new line of natural opaque jewellery. 

Primarily Oak and Silver Birch, these pieces will be added to the store soon. I will also develop the range & natural woodland materials to. Complimentary earrings are coming but realistically, this is now more likely for 2021.

I’m really pleased with the new stuff & excited to share it with you… It’s contemporary but no less natural!


With more time in the outdoors recording for YouTube I’ll be building my photography catalog. I’ll feature at least one image here to support each YouTube video & that blog post can act as a discussion thread.

In time I’ll open a private Facebook group for woodland photography discussion & the best way to receive notification of when that goes live, is to subscribe to he YouTube channel. I’ll post updates there first with a special offer to the first group of community members.


The 2020 Sciryuda Calendar will sadly not be going ahead.

The purpose of the 2020 project was to provide 12 shots of 2020 for the wall of 2021. Obviously several months have been lost to the pandemic & I’m not prepared to concertina images to force out a false product, so.. having also reflected on future calendar projects I’ve decided not to commit to any full 12 month projects going forward.

Improvise • Adapt • Overcome 

Instead, I’m going to offer a low cost digital service (which I’ll talk about more, later in the year).

Adapting my time, I’ll be putting calendar efforts directly into the production of prints for sale & digital services. One of those services will include quarterly seasonal images & a special print offer.. so please stay tuned!

And that’s a wrap! Fresh ideas with a new perspective on time and a highly motivated spring in my step!

I hope you can find your springboard into what motivates you & rewards your spirit.

Till next time, please stay safe & I’ll catch you soon 👍🏼

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