Winter Forest by Sciryuda
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Seasonal Post Processing

Processing this shot (taken somewhere in the deepest darkest Sherwood), made me ask; How influenced was I, by the subject, the light and had I unwittingly developed my own seasonal post processing habit?

I questioned if there was a line – an invisible seasonal boundary over which my post processing should not cross?

Really, this is a collection of realisations. A thought provoking topic to help become more self-assured.

We each search for improvement, don’t we? Striving for unclear, poorly defined goals that are at best subjective. Little wonder then, that the photographers ‘frustration:reward’ ratio can lean so heavily to frustration (at times)!

But back to it.. and what’s the core of my question here? Ah yes! Do you sub-consciously convulse through your post processing year, adjusting (specifically) for the seasons with a seasonal aesthetic?

Is Spring a style to you? Does Autumn bring out your grads? How de-saturated is your green curve in winter?

Have you ever considered your post processing habits?

Do you think you should? If not, what’s the rationale?

It simply occurs to me that in my own photography (primarily woodland), as each season passes there is a fundamental change in my subject. My lighting swings dramatically and if I set out to capture the essence of a scene, then any tool / perspective or outlook that compliments my goal, is welcome.

What would happen to your portfolio if you seasonally adjusted your post processing & ignored all subjects?

I would be very interested to hear your thinking? Please, feel free to CONTACT or drop a comment below.

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