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Shoot How You Feel

Do you shoot how you feel?
Or, to put it another way; do you produce images based primarily on observation OR emotion?

This has been niggling at me lately.
Perhaps I’m in a creative trough or I’m subconsciously searching for something.. somewhere?  

Who knows..

It’s interesting though, to consider what proportion of our ‘finished’ image is based on the original observation and what proportion is based on our emotional response to it (when post processing).

I guess it all comes down to our objectives. What we aspired to or intended, just before we hit the shutter release.

I’m pausing for a moment to ponder this…. 


It’s a jungle out there (in the woodland). We’re not rich in optimal light & copious amounts of minimal, are we?

Does this then compromise us? Do we reach (click) for the unreachable sometimes?

Is the result a Catalogue packed with images we feel gently pressured into extracting ‘a’ value from?


Can the essence of woodland photography be better served if we simply shoot how we feel?

Why not try it? Process a shot you are content with, then let loose! Drop 4 stops and play with the light… 

Which result has more gravity. Then consider, what proportion of your work is shot from emotion?

I’d be real interested to hear anyone’s thoughts on the muse, please drop a comment below.

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