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The Best Photography Weather App

I have a recommendation for you today.. if you haven’t come across it before, I believe this is the best photography weather app available today.

We.. ‘photographers’ all share one thing in common.. our absolute need for light. Indoors we can control light, but outdoors, shooting scenery, the lighting is mostly supplied by mother nature & we call that ‘weather’ 🤔

Ever changing, playing with our perceptions, capable of extremes even dangerous! Toying with it is so much fun!!

One tool I increasingly turn to, in order to plan trips, is available for free as both online service & mobile app.

It provides an hour by hour forecast, days ahead & includes reliable information I can’t find elsewhere.

Stuff like the visibility of the ISS (astro), cloud by stratos (low, medium and high) with % cover. Visibility, precipitation type and amount! Excited? Yeah.. me too 😃

We also have wind speed with direction. The chance of a frost. Really deep stuff like relative humidity, dew point and ozone, PLUS a host of visual features and indicators that bring photography weather forecasts into one spot.

The website is and the iOS & Android app can be found in the relative stores..

Clear Outside

If you don’t have a ‘go to’ weather app, I highly recommend giving this a try. 

I’m NOT sponsored nor have I ever spoken to Clear Outside so you can be assured this is my own personal, first hand experience, by a photographer for photographers.

Just an aside.. the reason for sharing this is tomorrow from 4 a.m. & for 4½ hours after, 100% chance of fog! 

I wouldn’t have that level of intel or this level of excitement without Clear Outside 🙂

So, I’m already ready.. bag packed, gear good to go & I’m counting down the hours 😎📷

Sherwood is calling.. and I must go.


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